Professional activities

His training in law and economics has enabled Caputo Nassetti to carry out a variety of professional activities over the years and to hold various positions.

Since 1981, he has combined three souls, that of Banker, Consultant-Expert-Arbitrator and Manager.

His career as a banker has taken him through three milestones at three major banking institutions: Banca Commerciale Italiana S.p.A., Banca Intesa S.p.A. and Deutsche Bank AG.

The activity of consultant, expert and arbitrator is the result of the skills acquired in the financial, banking and economic fields, always with a legal analysis approach.

His management activities take the form of senior roles in companies providing corporate finance advice and managing private equity funds.

Caputo Nassetti’s experience extends to other activities: today he is the Sole Director of F. Caputo Nassetti Sagl (and previously of Medontis S.r.l.), a legal and financial consultancy company, which, among other things, provides expert opinions on usury, financial derivatives and banking disputes. He also runs his family business in various sectors, including photovoltaic, hydroelectric, real estate and the marketing of LED technology.

Different experiences, but they share the same passion and drive for knowledge of the economic and legal world that he has been working in for over 30 years.