Teaching activity

His first teaching experience was at Banca Commerciale Italiana in staff training courses.

In university he began in 1985-86 at the London School of Economics, leading a course of nine lectures, alongside Professor Graham Penn, on the legal aspects of capital markets activities.

In Italy, his first academic engagement was conferred in the academic year 1998-99 with the lecture “Corrispettività ed alea nei contratti derivati”, at the Istituto di Diritto Comparato Angelo Sraffa within the framework of the “Incontri Autonomia privata ed equilibrio contrattuale” at the University Luigi Bocconi of Milan.

It was from these occasions that Professor Giovanni Iudica invited him to teach a six-month course in Institutions of Private Law for first-year students of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Bocconi University. From the academic year 1998-99 onwards, he was an adjunct lecturer for this course for ten years until 2007-08.

In 2006, he held the lecture module “I contratti aventi per oggetto strumenti finanziari: profili normative” (Contracts concerning financial instruments: regulatory profiles) as part of the Master’s degree course in Globalizzazione, economia, finanza, diritto, at the University of Genoa.

In 2008 he was a lecturer in the Master in Corporate Criminal Law at the Free International University of Social Studies LUISS in Rome.

In June 2012, the University of Ferrara awarded him, pursuant to Article 23 of Law No. 240 of 30 December 2010 (so-called “clear fame”), the teaching position in Banking Law (official course) for the Master’s Degree in Law. From that year until 2020, he has taught the Banking Law course.

He has tutored and continues to tutor dissertations.