Consultant, Expert and Arbitrator

Caputo Nassetti is the Sole Director of the legal and financial consulting companyF. Caputo Nassetti Sagl (and previously of Medontis S.r.l.) which specialises in the following activities: analysis and preparation of business and financial plans, analysis of the bankability of projects and preparation of the term sheet of bank debt, structuring of project financing and other structured finance transactions, advice on extraordinary transactions in the life of a company, analysis and execution of debt and corporate restructuring.

He prepares contracts relating to the above operations as well as contracts for tenders, financing, mandates, sureties, autonomous guarantees, patronage, etc…

He draws up expert opinions on usury, financial derivatives and banking disputes.

He acts as a party technical consultant (CTP) in disputes between banks and clients.

He takes on arbitration assignments. In 2010 and 2011 he was a member, together with Prof. Francesco Galgano, of the arbitration panel chaired by Prof. Franco Bonelli between Pioneer S.p.A. and Area Group S.p.A. worth € 41 million. Subsequently, he has acted and continues to act as arbitrator in numerous arbitrations concerning financial derivatives and banking disputes.

In July 2013, he was mandated by the Swiss bank Banca Arner SA to sell Banca Arner (Italia) S.p.A. This mandate was successfully completed, subject to authorisation by the Bank of Italy, with the sale of the Italian bank to the Finanziaria Internazionale S.p.A. group on 15 December 2014. The name of the bank changed to the current Banca Finanziaria Internazionale S.p.A.

He is or has been a consultant for the following companies:

  • Noemalife S.p.A., Bologna, IT company in the health sector listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.
  • Dedalus S.p.A., Florence, IT company in the health sector.
  • Pulitori e Affini S.p.A., Brescia, a company operating in the industrial cleaning sector.
  • Siti B&T Group S.p.A., Formigine (MO), a leading manufacturer of machinery for the ceramics industry.
  • Invima S.r.l., Milan, holding company in the machine tool sector.
  • Immobilgest S.r.l., Città di Castello (PG), a company operating in the building construction sector.
  • BB Consulting S.r.l., Milan, consulting company in the hotel sector.
  • Siaed S.r.l., Rome, a company offering outsourcing services to the banking system.
  • O.P.O.E. Organizzazione Produttori Ortofrutticoli Europa Cons. Coop agric. p.a., Cento (FE), agro-industrial fruit processing company.
  • Finba S.p.A., Bari, holding company of the Matarrese family that controls the largest construction company in southern Italy.
  • Grotto S.p.A., Chiuppano (VI), clothing company (Gas Jeans brand).
  • Banca Arner SA, Lugano, a bank specialised in private banking
  • Tecnowind S.p.A., Fabriano (AN), a company that produces cooker hoods and hobs.
  • Axopower S.r.l., Milan, energy trading company.
  • Intersolar Piemonte S.r.l., Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN), a company that produces electricity from solar energy.
  • Euroimmobiliare Roma S.r.l., Rome, industrial holding company.
  • GDF System S.r.l., Cinisello Balsamo (MI), a company in the Della Frera Group, operating in the hotel and healthcare sector.
  • Jesolo 3000 S.p.A., Verona, a subsidiary of the Home S.p.A. group, Bolzano, Rubner S.p.A., Bolzano and Unicomm S.p.A., Dueville (VI), for the construction of the Jesolo Magica shopping centre in Jesolo.
  • Media Power Consulting S.r.l., Rome, consulting company in services.
  • Marcegaglia S.p.A., Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (MN), steel production company.
  • Beauty and Luxury S.r.l., Milan, perfume distribution company.
  • Roberto Bucci & C. Immobiliare S.r.l., Faenza (RA), a company belonging to the Bucci family, owners of Roberto Bucci & C. S.p.A., Faenza (RA), a company manufacturing
    machine tools and robotic islands.
  • Olidata S.p.A., Cesena (FC), a listed company specialising in the production of information technology.
  • Iriapack S.r.l., Azzate (VA), packaging company for the paper industry.
  • Luna S.r.l., Milan, real estate company.
  • Testmark S.r.l., Bergamo, a company that manages large-scale distribution.
  • Climateam S.r.l., Milan, an energy efficiency company.
  • C&T S.p.A., Ancona, a company that operates biomass plants.
  • FFG Europe S.p.A., Piacenza, manufacturer of industrial machinery.
  • Meterlinq S.r.l. Modena, a network management company for industrial Internet of Things applications.
  • Cala del Porto S.r.l., Grosseto, owner of the hotel Baglioni Cala del Porto.
  • Truestar Group S.p.A., Milan, airport services company.
  • Batumi Tower LLC, Tbilisi-Georgia, real estate company.
  • Siaed S.p.A., Rome, service company for banks and insurance companies.
  • Red Co LTD, Tbilisi-Georgia, real estate company.
  • Det Met Res Lab S.r.l., Milan, medical research company.
  • Pecos S.r.l., Bologna, real estate company.
  • IAMET S.r.l., Varese, Metallurgical industry.
  • Finanziaria Gruppo Tomasi S.p.A., Ferrara, real estate company.
  • B.I.T S.a.s., Catania, hotel company.
  • Yesmoke S.r.l., Milan, tobacco manufacturing company.
  • Diana Bis S.r.l., Milan, real estate company.
  • Hiram S.p.A., Genoa, real estate company.
  • Class Editori S.p.A., Milan, publisher.
  • Haeres Equita S.r.l., Alessandria, owner of Borsalino.
  • Boost S.p.A., Bergamo, printing company.
  • Shoba international SA, Luxembourg, communications and advertising company.
  • Immobiliare GT S.r.l., Alessandria, owner of Robino and Galandrino S.r.l., manufacturer of stoppers.
  • Immobiliare RLN S.r.l., Rimini, real estate company.
  • Cogeta Palacehotel Gestioni S.p.A., Milan, hotel company.
  • Immobiliare Costruzioni Piemonte S.r.l., Acquiterme, real estate company.
  • Shoba International SA, Lugano, communications company.
  • Saccorino Dario, owner of Gammaplast S.r.l., Alba, car accessories production company.
  • Effegielle S.r.l., Milan, production of control and industrial automation systems.
  • Locanda La Posta S.r.l., Pinerolo, hotel management company.
  • Civen Capital Management, London, private equity fund.
  • Jobson Italia S.r.l., La Spezia, ship maintenance company.
  • IMR Industries S.p.A., Carate Brianza, manufacturer of automotive components Immobiliare.
  • Adriatica S.r.l., Alessandria, real estate company.
  • Sevizi Logistici S.r.l., Pavia, logistics company.